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Having a pet is a very good thing to have. It would give you a lot of fun and joy. Some people are too obsessed of having a dog because they believe that dogs are good in accompanying people. Or maybe you can the social media account of your friends and then you feel that having a dog or any pets would be very fun as they can give laughter and happiness on everyone’s face. But, taking the other side of it will not be as happy as you thought.

You need a bigger mindset to fully understand that taking animals into your house is such a big responsibility? It is the same thing like humans, they need food, love, care, water, air and even attention. If you are going to have a dog, then having a dog training is necessary for you to have them so that they will grow nicely and behaved. So, before getting them you need to ask yourself these following questions.  

What is the reason why I want to have a pet? You have to think deeply about the reason why you want this? In this way you will fully understand your purpose on having them as part of your life. You are the only one who can answer this not others. So, don’t depend your answer to what you can see online about having cute fur babies. It is not a good thing that only at first you would feel satisfied having them but at the end of the day you will just let them feel alone and sometimes others will just abandoned them out there.  

What kind of dog should I choose? There are many breeds for dogs. You can have smaller ones and bigger ones if you would like. If you just wanted to have someone there at home cuddling you and your house is just so small to cater a big one then having a small breed of dogs would suit you. In this way, they won’t take too much space in your area.  

Do I have enough time to take care of them and play with them? They need attention, time, love and care from you. Don’t let them feel that they are alone or not important. They are more likely like kids who would like to be around with you. If you are very busy working in your office and no one will take care of them at home, then don’t get one. They are not a toy that you can just leave them alone and think that they will be happy or ok roaming around in the house without food or without someone to look after them.  

Do I have enough money to provide their needs? Now let’s say you have time to look after them and to take care of them. The question now is are you ready to buy the things they need like vitamins, going to the vet for their immunizations and vaccines.  

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