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Tips on Teaching the English Language to Foreigners

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Learning a new language is a great arsenal to have in your life. Clases particulares de Inglés  is one of the most popular languages in the world, and a lot of people want to learn how to speak this language. There a lot of foreigners like Koreans, Filipinos, and countries in Asia who would like to become well versed in the English language. To become a good teacher to these eager students, here are some tips for teaching foreigners on how to speak the English language.   

The first tip on how to properly teach the language is to know your students. Getting to know your students will give you a better gauge on how they learn and adjust accordingly. It is important to know this for the lessons to be substantial. If you are teaching them in a way, they are not familiar with they might not be receiving the information properly. Knowing their background and nationality will also help in learning the language.  


The second tip would be to increase your understanding of first and second language acquisition. Understanding these concepts although not required, would better equip you with the tools to teach the language to your students. It is important to recognize that English would not be their first language and it may be hard for them to understand the words you are trying to relay to them at the start.   


Another tip would be to enforce SWRL every time you have a session. SWRL stands for Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. These four domains are critical in the learning process of your students in the English language or any language that is being taught for the first time. These four things would help them to practice the language and remember it in the long term. This would be essential in their development in learning the English language.  


Understand the English language by increasing your proficiency in it and understanding the language assessments. It is important to be proficient in teaching a language because you will need to know a lot of stuff about the language to properly teach it. Understanding all the words that will be able to help the students to understand the language more is essential in their learning journey of English.   


As for the language assessments, it is important that these assessments are credible and would be able to have a bar to set to track the progression for your students. Also, use visuals and manipulatives when teaching the language. At the start, your students would probably not understand any of the English words which are why visuals would be the best introduction for them. It will be able to give them an easier time transition to speaking and understanding the language.   


Teaching a language will not be easy. It will require a lot of patience with your students because it would take time for anyone to learn a new language. These tips, however, will help you in your journey as a teacher. Keeping these tips in mind whenever you are teaching will ensure that you are on the right track regarding the content of your teachings.   

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